As a Writer

90 Minutes

On a day that starts like any other, it doesn't take long for the world to change as news breaks that earlier that morning Russia began what appears to many to be an invasion of foreign territory.


Written in two acts, TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical is a satirical play parodying the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign of Donald Trump and his subsequent first year in office as President of the United States.

Not Much Happened

"Now all of you need to listen up because THE MOOCH has got something he wants to say to you all. It's been a tough year for Scaramucci, first I had the stress of starting a new job, then just ten days later, I had...

Three by Three

When Stuart went out to celebrate a successful day at work, the last thing he expected was for the night to end with him sleeping rough and covered in blood... but then, he never expected to meet Cleo again.

As a Publisher

2018 | The Year That Was

After making it through 2018 without being taken as a political prisoner, James Schlarmann returns...


Written by James Schlarmann

2017 | The Year That Was

2017 was the year that was but certainly shouldn’t have been. From the increased action in the Russia...


Written by James Schlarmann

Shattering the Glass Box

An anthology of fresh young female voices sharing...

Written by Rachel Leishman, Hannah Reynolds, Tyra Roberts, Menna Powell-Davies, Amber Feng, Catherine...

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