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An anthology of fresh young female voices sharing their own perspectives on sexual assault, gender discrimination and other issues that affect women worldwide, | SHATTERING THE GLASS BOX | is written by women who have lived through and continue to face these issues every day.

Rachel Leishman | New York, USA


Born in 1991 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Rachel Leishman is a writer and aspiring actress living in New York City. Though she’s best known for crying about celebrities on Twitter, she also has traction on the internet beyond her thirsty tweets: she has written for Culturess, HelloGiggles, PopWrapped and the Mary Sue and regularly produces sketches for YouTube. She is proud to contribute to her first book, | SHATTERING THE GLASS BOX |, and writes about the issues of sexual assault, self-esteem and the issues of wearing nerdy shirts. 


Hannah Reynolds | Essex, UK


Hannah Reynolds, born five weeks premature in Harold Wood, Essex, is a determined young creative with a passion for voicing the unique challenges faced by her peers. Though she initially pursued journalism, Hannah has since found her path as a performance artist and creator. She hopes that her contribution to | SHATTERING THE GLASS BOX |, covering the subjects of mental health, being bisexual, and growing up in the Instagram generation, helps other young women learn to accept and express themselves.


Tyra Roberts | Yorkshire, UK


A lifelong resident of Yorkshire - the only one in her family, given she was born only shortly after their move north - Tyra Roberts has a diverse set of skills and professional experience. She has taught dance and sports in primary schools with business work in between, and also works with up and coming musicians on promotion and sustainable growth of their brand. As a contributor to| SHATTERING THE GLASS BOX |, she hopes to give other young people confidence in themselves, their bodies, and the validity of their choices and experiences.


Menna Powell-Davies | Cardiff, UK


Menna Powell-Davies is an 18-year-old student from Cardiff, Wales studying politics and international relations at University of West England, Bristol. As a gay woman, one of her greatest passions is promoting and educating others in LGBTQ+ rights and feminism. She is excited to share her viewpoint and inspire others to engage in social activism.


Amber Feng | Berkeley, USA


Amber Feng is Stockton, California born-and-raised, but currently attends the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, where she is studying for a simultaneous degree in Legal Studies and Economy. After graduating, she plans to obtain a Juris Doctor (JD) degree and pursue work in the legal field, with a focus on building a more just world for all. In her rare free time, she likes to play soccer, read, binge-watch TV, and burn through her bank account online shopping. 


Catherine Zhang | Los Angeles, USA


Catherine Zhang is a proud bisexual Chinese woman. Born on the east coast in Norwalk, Connecticut, she spent most of her life on the west coast in Stockton, California. She has been Regent Scholar at UCLA for two years and plans to attend medical school post-graduation to pursue her dream of providing healthcare to those in need, both locally and globally


She lives by the belief that issues important to our lives should never be hidden away, but rather openly discussed. She speaks passionately about equality and human rights while also working hard to raise up the voices of those who are usually silenced.


Hannah Kennedy | Belfast, UK

Writing in SHATTERING THE GLASS BOX on the subjects of body image, self esteem, work, education and issues around health & mental health, Hannah is hoping to show other young people who may be too shy or too afraid to speak up about the issues they are facing that they are not alone.

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