An Alternative Musical

Written in two acts, TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical is a satirical play parodying the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign of Donald Trump and his subsequent first year in office as President of the United States.


Opening on the final day of the July 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, OH, act I tells the alternative story behind the Trump campaign and its journey from outsider to unexpected winner of the electoral college. Covering the Russia meeting, the three debates with the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, and the attempts of Russian President, Vladamir Putin, to ensure a win for the campaign in the state of Wisconsin, act I concludes at the end of November 8, election day.


With the election over and Donald Trump set to be the new President, act II opens the day following election day when both the world and the current President, are still in shock. Concluding towards the end of 2017, act II covers the inauguration of the forty fifth President, a visit by German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, to the White House, and the eventual collapse of the Trump regime that is brought about through the unnerving wit of Robert Mueller, the actions of Donald Trump Junior, and the gullibility of his brother, Eric Trump.


The script book is now available worldwide in hardcover format, and will soon be released in paperback on August 7, 2018.

Although parodying true events, TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical should not be considered a true or accurate record or representation of those events, nor should it be considered an accurate portrayal of the living people satirized within.

TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical, first published in 2018 by Blue Lens. Blue Lens is an imprint of Blue Lens Films Limited, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, West End, London, WC2H 9JQ, UK. Text copyright © Ben Fletcher 2018. Cover Design © Blue Lens Films 2018.  The works contained within this book are of a satirical nature. Any resemblance to actual events does not represent a true and accurate account of the facts. The views expressed within this are satirical and may not represent the views of the author or the publisher.

The script of TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical has been published in this format for entertainment purposes only. No portion of this script may be performed or otherwise made use of in any circumstances without the prior written permission or grant of performance license from the writer.

Hardcover Edition

July 17, 2018


Paperback Edition

August 7, 2018


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