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The Swedish Chef Works at IKEA

After a long morning trekking through home furnishings, young couple Charlotte and Sam decide to eat in the IKEA restaurant, but after experiencing an issue with the food, their complaint leads to a confrontation with the chef.

Harry Potter's Chamber of Secrets (18+)

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling adds new information to her magical world by revealing that in later life, the boy who lived becomes a pervert who runs a sex toy store.

The In-Flight Meal

As the passengers settle in for the journey to New York, the captain of the flight announces he would recommend choosing the chicken.

TRUMPED: An Alternative Musical

ACT IV: Scene Nine (Hamberders & Fries)

President Donald Trump waits to welcome the Clemson Tigers to the White House for a special dinner of hamberders and fries served on the finest silver.

TRUMPED: An Alternative Nativity

Scene One (The Angel Visits Mary) & Scene Two (The Angel Visits Joseph)

In the final months of the Trump presidency, the White House Players in association with the Fox Amateur Dramatic News Society present this special White House performance of the Nativity, featuring special guest performer, Sarah Palin.